When coding gets tough

Love these days when you just whisk through your code, remember where exactly are all the important lines in your project and don’t swear even once? Oh, never had one? With Code Pilot every day is almost like the programmer’s Disneyland but without noisy kids, huge plush mascots and nasty effects of overeating. Well, maybe it’s not exactly Disneyland but it’s fun.

Fly with Code Pilot

Code Pilot is an Xcode plugin which lets you woosh through your code and save a lot (and we mean a lot) of your time. What it does is enhance Xcode by adding swift navigation through files and other parts of your project, integrate seamlessly with your IDE and guess what’s on your mind immediately after you type just a few characters. 

Open Source

We are giving back to the awesome community of Mac and iOS developers by releasing Code Pilot as an open source project. We invite you to check it out on GitHub, poke around its source code, fork it and contribute your own ideas. Enjoy.

Since being exposed to Code Pilot, it has been added to the short list of apps that MUST be installed on any development machine I use.

- Marcus S. Zarra, Cocoa Is My Girlfriend fame

I've used Code Pilot for an hour, and I'm already a fan: Code Pilot makes me more productive.

- Ruben Bakker, author of MailPlane

Your plugin is awesome. I tried it for about 5 minutes and then paid the $30 for it. I have been wanting something like this for a long time. Great job!

- Christopher G.

Freaking awesome!

- Ben S.

I would just like to thank you for creating such a amazing product. It's developers like you are what makes it so great to use a Mac.

- Cameron R.

First, I *love* Code Pilot! Easily the first thing I now need to install on a machine with Xcode.

- Patrick B.

I am really enjoying using CodePilot. It is really great for Objective-C projects.

- Filip K.

Wow! I'm totally blown-away. This looks like such a great fit for Xcode's paltry file navigation.

- Alex V.

Thanks for making this great app!

- Mike W.

Supporters gonna support

Smart matching

Code Pilot's killer feature is the way it interprets your query. Typing "fbar" will result in .*f.*b.*.a.*r.* regexp magic with results passed straight to smart sorting system, so you get what you wanted on top of everything else.

Xcode integration

Code Pilot is an .xcplugin bundle integrating seamlessly with Xcode runtime, gaining access to its internals and interacting with the user as a single application. You can stay concentrated and keep your flow.

The ultimate browsing

Everything that Xcode sees in your project is readily available for browsing with Code Pilot - including .xib files, Core Data models, groups, resources and of course source code along with symbols like classes, methods or protocols.

Supporters gonna support

Subproject Support

We do a lot of programming ourselves, so we know, that you have to go deeper. That’s why the first thing we thought about when we were Creating Code Pilot is that it has to get inside subprojects to keep all of your project files covered!

CamelCase Support

CamelCase-aware search delivers more precise navigation over your code for those rare moments when you happen to actually remember the exact capitalization of the thing you're looking for. You can still use lower-case when you just don't care.

Interface Builder Support

Navigating through localized .xibs or searching for outlets by name is really easy with Code Pilot. Everytime Builder window is needed, Code Pilot will summon it (have we already said that working with Code Pilot is fun?).

We use it. We demand perfection.

Created for developers by developers

As obvious as it sounds, we use Code Pilot on a daily basis for a variety of projects - be it Mac, iPhone OS, Cocos2d or plain old C development. And when we work, we demand best tools, so when we get the best of Code Pilot, you do too.

Full keyboard support

Amazingly enough, we use our good old keyboards for most of our development on Macs. Using Code Pilot may relieve your already overworked wrists.*

Compatibility note

Looking for Code Pilot for older Xcode versions? We are still hosting old builds for Xcode 3.x and Xcode 4.x over here. Contact us to get a free license key.

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Questions? Comments? Please contact us at codepilot@macoscope.net.
*it hasn't been medically proven (yet)